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Systematic Investment Plans (Sip)

December 06 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a type of investment done in the process of mutual funds, where in the investor will make regular investments for the money in order to achieve the financial targets in the longer run.

Term Deposits Explained

September 06 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

The Term Deposit is a unique kind of investment created by allotting a certain amount of money within a financial institution for a stipulated period. These kinds of deposits carry maturity period ranging from 1 month to some years like 6 years and they will have certain levels of minimum deposits available.

Investment Options To Save Income Tax

September 06 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

Under section 80C of Income Tax of India Act, you can invest in certain securities to avail tax deductions. The current limit under section 80C is Rs. 1,50,000. However, purpose of 80C is not only to provide tax relief but also to promote saving habits among tax payers.

Managing Wealth And Financial Investment

September 05 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

Wealth Management is a process of combining the investment strategies and financial planning in a systematic manner to enhance your wealth quotient. The Wealth Management will always consist of components like the Estate Planning, Investment Management, Retirement Planning and Inheritance Tax planning to be done in a logical fashion.

Understanding Inventory Management

September 05 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

Inventory Management is a unique term dealing with the process of ordering, storing, using and selling company inventory. This process also deals with process of managing the raw materials, components, and the products along with the warehousing facilities like normal and cold storage available.

Investment Banking In India

September 05 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

It is believed that an Investment Bankers or the Investment Banking Division of any banks or an Organisations play a vital role in the growth and development of a business enterprises and other corporate entity.

Home Loans - Burden Or Boon

September 04 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

Home loan interest rate refers to the amount charged on the principal by a home loan service provider to a customer for using the principal amount. Your house loan interest rate will judge the monthly payable EMI against your home loan.

Forex Trading Guide In India

September 04 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

We have learned the concept of Foreign Exchange and each and every nation is connected with this phenomenon. Furthermore, after India liberalised its economy in the 90’s the concept of the Foreign Exchange is doing the round on a large scale. Let us break down the complex concept of Foreign Exchange as this is a unique process of exchanging the currency of one nation with another nation.

Reserve Bank Of India Focus On Digital Lending Applications

August 31 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

The Digital Lending Applications are making huge wave in the financial markets over the coming years. Lending is a process where in the person gives money to the borrower in return (interest on the money) for some amount. With the rise of technology, there have been many Apps and other financial instruments created in the digital world to make sure you get your money back.

Why Digital Banking Is Vital In Present Scenario In India?

August 15 2022, By Banking91, under BANKING

Banking segment in India is not new it has made its presence in the last 100 years and if we look at most of the banks located in India, they are having a proud existence of more than 80 plus years. Furthermore, most of the banks have also completed their Centenary Celebrations in style.

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